What a year!

It took us awhile to prepare the camp for the winter. Now that the court and royal guard have left to go back to their palace, we have stayed and are committed in developing a trade route at this village. 

Our hunting skills surpass those of the villagers and are able to trade our woodworking, armor and textiles for furs and other useful items. The Jarl’s family is on campaign to visit some of the neighboring villages to create future opportunities.  We will send word out on expanding our camp in the early new year. 

In the meantime, our encampment wish you a happy Yule and a prosperous new year!  


Well here we are, the ice has finally left our fair village in the North, and we once again venture out to seek our fortunes. If this is the first time you have come to visit us, welcome, this website is pretty new and we adding new content daily, so check back often and see what we have to share, be it stories from me Thorbjorn about my many adventures, Aesa’s take dealing with this clan, or any of the rest of my band and what they wish to share.

You can follow us on the Book of Faces HERE.  Thank you for coming with us on this adventure.