The Story of How Garrick Won my Heart – told by Gretta Vollan

I was lucky enough to join Thorbjorn’s band while he was making his name and fortune. His friend and berserker was a good looking man named Garrick. After all of the times my father had tried to force me into a political marriage, I was not interested in settling down with anyone, not matter how nice they were. Odin had other plans for me.

During one of our battles, there was this one foe that was a thorn in my side. No matter how many times I faced him in battle, he always managed to elude my sword. He would taunt me from the other side of the battlefield, but by the time I would get there, he had slipped away.

This particular day, he started to taunt me again, but Garrick was there to engage him in a fight. I was mad, because I knew my chance to kill my foe was gone. Imagine my surprise when I realized Garrick was stalling him until I could get there! I raced to that part of the battle, engaged the foe, and struck his head from his body! Garrick let me have the kill! What a romantic thing to do!

When the battle was done, I took Thorbjorn back to my village to meet my sister, Aesa, and to show my father my new husband and my soon to be born son.