Jarl Aesa

Aesa was the younger, unmarried daughter to the former Jarl. Sister to Greta, who married Garrick. Her father of a cruel and vicious man and Greta and Aesa plotted with a young man – Thorbjorn to plan out the sudden demise of her father on the condition of a marriage, sealing the bond. Aesa and Thorbjorn were married and he father was quickly dispatched with the help of those who favored Thorbjorn as the new Jarl. Together, they created a son – Minor.

Now, not all stories end with a happily ever after. Thorbjorn left to see what other lands could be conquered and disappeared. Aesa was sad over the loss of a man she came to respect and love, but vowed never to marry again.  Instead of united with another man who would serve as Jarl, Aesa took over and became a great strategic leader – welcoming other Vikings to the camp to strengthen their numbers to defeat those who wish ill upon them.  Armed with her sword and her Vikings, specifically her nephew Gunnar, she feels invincible.

You’ll find Aesa at the camp in armor and ready to defend her blood against any who wish ill of them. She believes we are all equal in the eyes of Odin, if we wish to take advantage of the gifts he, and the other gods, give us.