Sacha Ceryanekov (The Rus)

Sacha Ceryanekov (the Rus) was raised in Sarkyulya Russia near the gulf of Finland. His family were farmers and fishermen. He was raised in a typical Viking household. He was the oldest of 3 siblings One sister (the baby) Alaina and a brother Ivan (named for his father).

He grew to manhood learning to farm and fish and to fight. The latter he seemed to excel at. He soon became one of the fiercest warriors in his village. The next winter claimed his mother from sickness and while away raiding (his first) with his Jarl in the summer his father and siblings were killed and his home lost in a raid from Finland.

His family and home gone he swore vengeance on the raiders and convinced his Jarl of a revenge mission into Finland. On this mission he gained his revenge by managing to kill the Finnish Jarl and a good number of his men and gained the respect and admiration of his own Jarl.

Many raids and years later he would travel with his Jarl to Turkey to be a part of the Turkish Varangian Guard. There he met and married a turkish woman named Yilda. Soon after their marriage Yilda died in childbirth (taking what would be Sacha’s son with her). Heartbroken and without purpose he took his leave of the guard and started wandering back to his homeland. He worked (when he chose to as he was fairly wealthy) as a mercenary, a farmer, and even as a jeweler (he likes to carve bone in his spare time). We started to grow weary of wandering and yearned for the comradery of serving a Jarl. This is when he heard stories of the Vollan clan and Jarl Aesa’s skill and honoring battle. He set out to find this shieldmaiden turned Jarl for himself.

Upon finding her and witnessing her and the Vollan clan he knew this was where the gods wanted him to be. He has sworn to protect Aesa and Minor and is always watching, like a raven in a high tree. He can come off as quiet or even aloof, but once you have his respect he is loyal and a fierce friend. Beware the old man in a profession where men usually die young.