Gríma Stendottir (The Archer)

Gríma Stendottir was born in the trading village of Birka on the Swedish island of Bjökö. Her parents were Bera, a shield maiden and merchant, and Sten, a lower class man who worked odd jobs.

Gríma would often visit her uncle and Bera’s brother, Grimnir (whom she’s named after). He taught her just about everything she knows, from swordplay to fishing and hunting. Gríma and Grimnir found that she was an exceptional archer and he began to train her to be a shield maiden while her mother was away on the summer raids in today’s Russia.
When Bera would be home, Gríma would join her in beading jewelry and selling goods. Gríma was often described as Bera’s “mini me.”

When 10 year old Gríma, and Sten received the news that Bera had fallen in battle , it crushed them. With very little income, Gríma spent more time with Grimnir while Sten “worked.” Little did they know that Sten had turned to a life of thievery. He stole little things, but after six years he was caught and casted as an outlaw. In the dead of night, Sten took Gríma and ran for the forests of Björkö. After two weeks Sten’s enemies found and killed him and tried to kill Gríma. She ran after injuring two men and made her way to Grimnir’s abode. There he gave 16 year old Gríma supplies and a bow and she traveled northwest to Norway.

For four years Gríma served as a mercenary until she heard the stories of grand raids that Jarl Aesa led. Now, 20 year old Gríma is wanting to make a name and prove herself as the best archer, she found her way to the Vollan Encampment. She lives to honor her mother and make the Gods proud. Though, deep down she wants to be well liked and raise a family one day.