Räv the Shield Maiden

Räv (pronounced “Rev”) is from the interior of Sweden. Her parents were farmers and had many kids, of which Rav is second oldest. Growing up, she played voyager with her siblings and well learned wood lore so after her parents died she left for the coast like her brothers before her.

She found this village and proved herself a skilled fighter and a valued hunter (broad sword and bow being her weapons of choice) so they let her stay. She likes to go on raids but being from the interior, has a serious problem with motion sickness. There has been many a shipboard battle where she spends as much time puking as fighting, and occasionally puking on enemy fighters.

She’s resourceful and creative. The local blacksmiths often roll their eyes when she returns to the village with her loot and ideas for new gadgets. Having raised most of her siblings, and being primarily attracted to women, as yet she has no children, but she is a doting auntie to many of the children of the village.