Greta Vollan

I am Greta Vollan, keeper of the gold, shield maiden, sister to the Jarl, wife of Garrick and mother of Gunnar and Wilhelm. As the Gold Keeper, I make sure the ideas of the Jarl can be made real by providing there are enough assets to make sure her ideas come true and ensure she is not getting swindled by others. I provide a good home base for my family.

As a woman in the village, I know how to make things by nalbinding, wire weaving, and using a lucet to make cords. As a mother, I have provided strong young men to fight for our Jarl.

I’m visiting the village as part of a diplomatic trade mission. By opening up more trade routes, we can become bigger and stronger than before. We can buy more lands, build bigger boats and grow our families. Before I came to the village, I was a shield maiden. I learned how to fight from Gunnar Erickson, one of my father’s (the former Jarl) warriors. I named my first son after him – ask me to tell you the story sometime.

I fought for a time as a shield maiden under the name of Helga, so my father would not find out, but then I met my husband and started having babies, like a good Viking woman does. When Aesa became Jarl, she put me in charge of her treasure. She trusts me and that is very important to me. Without me, the Jarl would spend too much of her money on mead. I help with negotiations, and keep the other villagers from thinking we may be here to attack. As a woman, I’ve practiced the feminine arts of nailbinding, wire weaving and cord making. I know how to negotiate a good trade, sales of our crafts and I’m good with money.

My history as a shield maiden proves to be an asset as I remain a strong fighter and continue to teach our traditions to our youngers members. I am ready for home and the battlefield at the same time.