Signey Solveg / Auntie Signey

Battle ready Auntie.I am a skald (story teller, singer, history keeper) and a volga (wise woman, healer) for the clan. I keep the history of our customs of our homeland and share them with other while trying to keep our encampment healthy through traditional healing practices and good food – these guys will eat anything.

Our history is shared through oral traditions and I have the best memory of the family. Come by the encampment and hear stories on how we arrived, our battles, our victories, and more.  Some stories are child-friendly and others may be more adult oriented.  The stories change for the audience.

I am part bard (storyteller/musician), farmer, rancher, spinner, weaver, archer, negotiator, and so much more.  I probably left something off the list, but this will do for now.  Don’t let my small size deceive you, I am a fighter you don’t want to cross, but you would want me taking care of you if you fell during battle.

Come by the encampment, sit down and I’ll share a story or two or three!