Gunnar Vollan

I am the eldest son to Greta and Garrick, brother to Wilhelm; I am also the Jarl’s nephew and serve tGunnar the Archerhe Jarl as the encampment’s blacksmith, and archer. Despite my skills in building armor and archery, I am at the village as part of a diplomatic mission, but the real reason I am in the village is to find a wife.

I had spent much of my childhood sitting outside of the blacksmith’s shop mesmerized by the sight of the glowing steel and the ring of the hammers fall and the way the steel could be woven together. And now it gives me great pleasure to look up from my work and see a pair of young eyes just as mesmerized by my work as i had been so long ago. For now, I know i have help light the forge fires in the hearts of the next blacksmiths to be.

I find favor with the Jarl because I am able to quickly mend broken weapons and armor during our travels so that our fighters and guards are using equipment that is in top condition – a sense of pride for me! Even the villagers find me useful while I work as a blacksmith, repairing the villagers’ more mundane items.