Ragnild Bryndisdottir (Gold Seeker)

Ragnild Bryndisdottir hails from Iceland, where she manages a farm with her younger sister Ingdis. While by trade she is a weaver, she also has plenty of experience defending her farm from raiding parties. Her farm is very prosperous, but she always reveled in the treasure brought home from raids by her Swedish husband, Runar. After Runar was killed in battle (you can ask Ragnild for the story), Ragnild decided to venture from home to seek more gold herself. Having heard stories of the Vollan clan and their valor from her husband and brothers-in-law, she tracked down Jarl Aesa to join her raiding party.

Ragnild practices weaving, yarn craft, and sewing, and is always looking for the newest and richest textiles. In addition, she also enjoys singing and storytelling for anyone willing to listen. While she professes to miss her late husband, don’t let her act fool you: her true love is gold.